Coaching with Reiki

Coaching with Reiki combines the ancient healing art of Reiki with the modern transformational tool of coaching.   The best translation for the Japanese word Reiki, pronounced ray-key, is "spiritually guided life energy."  Reiki is a form of energy medicine that reduces stress, promotes relaxation, and restores balance, thus supporting the body's ability to heal itself.  Coaching is a synergistic partnership that helps clients create positive change in order to meet their goals and maximize their potential.

Grace offers Coaching with Reiki both in-person and over the phone to support your success. Combining Reiki with coaching makes it easier to tap into the wisdom of the body to remove blocks and negativity in order to unleash potential and manifest goals.

Individual experiences vary as sessions are customized to meet your needs.

Some common benefits from Coaching with Reiki include:

  • relaxation
  • stress  reduction
  • detoxification      
  • greater clarity and sense of purpose
  • acceptance  and appreciation of your present circumstances
  • new insight and awareness
  • perspective
  • greater clarity and commitment around next steps



Our telephone Coaching with Reiki session was wonderful  As we discussed my situation and my options, I could feel the tension leaving my body. My shoulders had been stiff and sore for days, but as we wrapped up our call, I could feel the warmth and flexibility moving back into me. By the end of the long, stress-filled workday, I was still fine.  What a marvelous session--thank you so much!!

--Marilyn Morehouse


Your first 60-minute in-person or telephone session is only $100.

Contact me to schedule a session or to learn more.